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    As many of you know about 3 weeks ago the WorldWide Wardrive server had a major hardware failure. Agent Green has been good enough to provide me with a temporary backup.

    I had to replace pretty much the entire box, this was made much easier on me by Air Foot who generously donated several hardware components and saved me a ton of money.

    I can't thank both Agent Green and Air Foot enough for their help during the last couple of weeks.

    On the old server the drive was pretty much totally destroyed and I did not have a backup more recent than March 1st so a lot of the WWWD 3 organizers stuff was lost.

    I am in the process of recreating all of the WWWD 3 pages to include the organizers. If you were a local organizer I would appreciate it if you could send me your info again (unless you already have which a couple of you did) to roamer[at]

    Thanks again to Agent Green and Air Foot for all their help over the last couple of weeks.

    perl -e 'print pack(c5, (41*2), sqrt(7056), (unpack(c,H)-2), oct(115), 10)'

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    Sent the email, I hope everything can get up and running again.
    I would like to meet a 1 to keep my 0 company.


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      Everything should be up and running 100% now...I think haha.
      perl -e 'print pack(c5, (41*2), sqrt(7056), (unpack(c,H)-2), oct(115), 10)'