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ride to and from only oc to lv

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  • ride to and from only oc to lv

    to dive in and not be bored on the drive out.... and as my return trip plan was derailed, ihave a seat open. i'd offer more than one slot... but i drive an access cab truck and the jump seats are not comfortable afrer 15 minutes.
    ride to vegas
    and/or ride back to oc/lb area
    room situation is already full
    leaving thursday morning, definatly beore noon or as early as 6am.... depends.
    returning sunday night... chances are .... late.
    i smoke cigarettes, excesive sometimes when i drive
    i do not kick in the ac until 80F or hotter
    not asking for gas but if you feel like being generous...
    i will also have a cooler ao you can store drinks.

    plan to hit up the toxic bbq.. depending on arival tome.

    i will check thoughout the week for takers.
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    as the time draws near, i find less time to babysit pm's, so I am posting my dc-only number in case I miss a pm: /714/ 713-5958 (txt). It goes live this afternoon. I am departing S-22/I-405 area between 6am and 10 am Thurs. :)


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      passenger seat is 75% confirmed..... if the need is dire, I can still remove the kiddie seat and someone can (side) sit in the jumps seats (Tacoma access cab, toyota says "28.2‚Äč inch" legroom in the back).... It's not terrible unless you are tall. Wife handles it on short drives. Wish we were in NC, then we could just load up the bed.