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Darknet Badge Kits created....

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  • Darknet Badge Kits created....

    The Darknet Badge kits have been constructed, awaiting you to put them together!
    DJ Jackalope
    dopest dj in the galaxy. *mwah!*

    send in the drop bears!

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    Such awesome. So excitement!
    How do you do?


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      Agreed. I just finished the teaser last night, and can't wait to play the full thing @ DC. Also learn how to solder! :D


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        COOOOOL -- Looks fun!
        +++ Dallas +++


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          Badge came off my lanyard somewhere between DC801 party and elevator down.

          Will kits be available post-con?


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            I wish we could. However, if you check back at, we will be posting the BOM and Eagle files for all, along with source code.
            How do you do?


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              I was there at the DarkNet booth in Hardware Hacking village on friday. I spent about 4 hours there (spent most of it teaching younger builders tips on how to properly solder through-hole and SMD components, even did many solder joints for the less adventurous). Got my badge ready and working, and looked forward for the display shield.
              Unfortunately, the next day I was told these were all sold out (there were only 40 left, which vanished in minutes while I was still standing in line). So all I could get was the DarkNet proto-shield for which I paid 5 bucks - I intend to use it as the platform for building my own display shield, sourcing the components off the web.
              Will there be a BOM and schematic diagram available for this one too?

              Got a couple suggestions as well, for the next version:
              - In the badge, replace the standard USB connector with a mini or micro USB one (since these are widely available and less bulky, would fit much nicely and most people with android phones could even use their own phone's data cables for connecting to a PC)
              - Maybe next time planning for more kits to be manufactured based on past attendance numbers; after all, supply & demand should be rule #1, and even though I understand you guys had completely sold & paid out all of your manufacturing costs there would be more profit if you had sufficient units available for sale. Even if profit wasn't your #1 priority, you guys would see less frowned faces upon your counter - Happy customers always keep coming back for more. ;-)
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