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  • HHV free stuff table?

    Hey folks.

    I know this is late notice but I'm curious to know if the free stuff table is going to make a return this year. This was one of my favorite elements of the HHV; I always walked away from that table with something interesting.

    Also: I've gone ahead and put together about 25 part kits, with the intention of putting them on the table or otherwise giving them away for free.
    I felt there wasn't nearly enough free stuff or tinkering in previous years so I took it upon myself to help with that. I raided my parts bin and did some judicious shopping at surplus retailers and eBay to come up with - what I think - is an interesting collection of items for badge hacking, extending other kits available at the con, and just general tinkering.
    The kit intentionally comes with no instructions in order to encourage experimentation and creativity.
    However the kit alone is nominally a dev kit for the NXP LPC1114 DIP-28 ARM Cortex-M0+. There are open source toolchains available on Windows and Linux (still need to do the writeups for that) and the kit comes with everything the user needs to get the chip up, running, and programed except a soldering iron, solder, and a laptop.

    (I should probably point out before anybody gets their hopes up that these aren't "official" dev kits in the slightest; NXP has no knowledge of this, it's literally me bagging up interesting parts and throwing them into a box.)

    You can check out the parts list at the attached link. See y'all there!

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    Yep the parts table always makes a return and as the weekend goes things get added from people dropping things off. As for your part kits, thanks thats a great idea. it might be better managed from the HHV goon table so people do abuse them quickly so come see me when you visit the village.



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      Good call, I'll be sure to find you and/or drop the kits off at the goon table when I bring them in.