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  • Are you ready?

    In just a few short days the list drops and we turn loose hoards of crazed scavengers upon the unsuspecting world.

    Do you have what it takes? Do you possess the skills, the knowledge, the certain lack of a moral compass, and the sheer drive necessary to take on the Scavenger Hunt?! Will you be the one to walk away with fame, glory, and a few memories you may or may not want to erase?

    Remember the floppy disk from last year? That was a simple task compared to some the the challenges in store. Do you have an Apple][? You might need it. How about an acoustic coupler? It might come in handy. Have an SDR? You might be able to find clues. Directional antenna? Seems logical. Have you practiced your lock picking skills? Can you hear the difference between DTMF tones? Can you hack with all the colors of the wind?!?!

    So... are you ready?

    Let's make it weird.

    Of course its fully cooked... we had it set on "linen".

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    Compass chucked and coupler funked.. Im ready.
    +++ Dallas +++