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  • Defcon 23 Shoot Badges

    I created a badge for the defcon shoot this year, it started out as a shot counter but I went nuts and filled the flash with other games, clapper mode, sound equalizer-like mode, and a morse code mode and more. The headers are already on the board so you can use some of these modes to connect to an external relay to drive whatever you want based on sound.

    Full details, code and manual over here:

    You may want to scroll down to the "External Relay Control" section to get a few ideas on how it can be played with.
    If you have a pickit3 programmer you can modify the code and reflash it, I can do this for you during the con.

    I'll have ~200 badges, I'm selling them at a loss (25 a day) at the defcon shoot for $20, then $25 at the con for any I have left. That way I can hope to break even (cost sheet on the link above)

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    GREAT JOB!! Thanks for putting in all that effort!


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      Way. Cool.