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    Hello, first year at DefCon and I'm obsessed with figuring out what the deal is with the badge this year, I've already found quite a few hints, but haven't gotten very far with it (only spent a couple hours). However, given the fact of the different types of badges/lanyards that I've seen, obviously there is some collaboration that needs to be done, so anyone that wants to trade notes or team up I'd definitely be up for it, just let me know! :)

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    Look for a room where other people are working on the riddles and puzzles associated with the badge and clues to be found at DEF CON. I passed by a room that certainly looked like a LoST[boy] room with people furiously working on ideas for solutions to puzzles over on the Bally's side of DEF CON, just a short distance from the Bally's hotel room elevators as you walk towards to Bally's Convention center.

    Hope that helps,
    Good luck!


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      I saw no less than 8 people working in the LOST room during my dozen quick stops in today. The room is on the Bally's side, just before you get to the conference rooms. The goons are usually standing there. See attached shitty screenshot. Damn phone.


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        Yeah that was the next thing I was planning to do - figure out where the lost room was - thanks for the info guys.

        Edit: I just realized it's on the map haha.
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          Lots of awesome work being done. To bad the room didn't have dry ease boards to compile everyone's thoughts as people come and go. If anyone has a completed matrix, leaving a copy taped to the wall in the lost boy room would be excellent.