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Group 850 Pensacola Fl Dead?

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  • Group 850 Pensacola Fl Dead?

    I tried to contact to leader of group 850 a couple days ago and got no reply. Anyone know how to officially take over a group on the page here as 850 is the area code for Pensacola and I would like to keep the number if possible.

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    It sounds like you have taken the first step: contacted existing "PoC" for the 850.

    Check out the FAQ for DCF and DCG PoC for the official process. After exhausting your attempts to contact any existing PoC, then escalate to the next item:

    If there is no such DCG in your area code, then use all your social media to generate interest and find people that like the idea and want to join you.

    I do not run the DCG. The suggestions here are based on what has been effective in the past. I think the present guy that manages which DCG is active and which are not, and can re-assign PoC for DCG is Blakdayz.