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DEF CON 23 receipt is on the DEF CON 23 CD...

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  • DEF CON 23 receipt is on the DEF CON 23 CD...

    You should have received a DEF CON 23 CD with your badge. on that CD should be a file "defcon-23-receipt.pdf"

    Normally, this file is made available on the main site about 1 week after DEF CON ends, but some people never get a CD, can't find it, have a damaged CD, or no CD-ROM drive, but still need a copy of the file. If you can't wait for one to appear on the main site, please download a copy of the PDF I uploaded to the forum server:

    Th main site actually has a copy now:

    Hope this helps.

    Once the main site has a copy, I'll edit this to point to the main site and remove the copy from the forums.

    Good luck!


    P.S.: I will remove my copy of the receipt tomorrow since I was informed that the receipt is on the main site:

    Thanks cesi0_

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    Ah, nice. I'd been looking for that!