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Possible to Purchase the Tamper Evident Seals Kit online?

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  • Possible to Purchase the Tamper Evident Seals Kit online?

    Title says it all. Some people at work have been asking me if it's possible to purchase the Tamper Evident kit that was for sale at Defcon. Is there anyway to make that happen?

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    Sorry, these are only sold at Defcon to help recover some of the costs of running the TEV.



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      that said, we've been trying to get a field-tamper kit on to our site for a while and if we ever succeed, we'll tweet about it or something. :-) it may not be as fully-featured as the MFP's DEF CON kit, but it could be something.
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        datagram: 1) Would you be willing to post a list of what was in that kit so we can research and build it ourselves?
        2) Can you provide a few resources for those of us that want to start in to TE? (Maybe something for duplication as well?)

        deviant: "we'll tweet" as in on your personal or on toool's?


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          DEF CON still has some from years ago. We had to buy in quantity, but ended up giving away alot of it. I'll see what we have left and post here.
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            GreyBeard, I'll compile a list and get it up when I can (there's a lot of seals in it). You'll need to buy 100 or 1000+ (or cases of tape/adhesives rolls) of *each individual seal* to assemble the fully kit, however.