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    Hi, I'm planning on having, unofficial or official, head to head lockpicking contest. I'd like to gauge the interest in such an event. Here's the format I have in mind:

    Depending on the number of people:
    2 tiers of competition - Novice and Experienced
    Qualifier rounds are 10 people each, identical locks pre chosen, top 4 - 6 proceed.
    Additional rounds after that are head to head, identical locks pre chosen, single elimination.
    Quarterfinal, Semifinal, and Final rounds are a blind grab bag for choosing locks. 3 minute maximum. Switch locks. Winner is lowest combined time.

    I plan on having these electronically timed to 1) reduce the number of people required to run the contest 2) eliminate any possible stopwatch button press delays.

    Any suggestions, as well as a "I would sign up for that" and the tier you would sign up for.

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    I remember a contest like this when DEF CON was at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. IIRC, there were 6 stations and clock/timers for each one. You might want to check with Deviant Ollam as he probably ran it or knows who was running it. They might be able to provide you with information about interest and provide advice on things to consider before re-starting a contest like this.



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      This would be so great to have back at DEF CON. TOOOL has been talking about something like that for ages, but it just never materializes. With your help and some input from other members, maybe it would run again.

      Would you want to run this in the Lockpick Village our do you envision it out on the main floor? The LPVillage is a great spot, I think. (After all, Tamper does all their contests in the Village itself and it hypes up the energy a TON)

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