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    Many months ago I wrote about starting a mirror of all the hacking convention materials I could find in order to preserve them. Let me give you all an update, and then an ask for support.

    A lot has happened in the past six months. I'm using a domain I've had forever,, to host the simple listing on conference materials I have found. I collected much on the build up to DEF CON 23 for the Data Duplication Village and now that the con is over I have gone back and been cleaning it up and adding new what I can find and putting it online.

    The biggest challenges I see for infocon are finding convention material, and then getting people to help mirror it. I have realized after gathering materials for two years that we, as a community, are terrible at preserving our history and talks. There are notable exceptions: 2600, CCC, DEF CON, PhreakNIC, the Dutch series of conferences, etc. But by and large it is like pulling teeth to find the materials. They are spread over the universe of YouTube, Vimeo, the Internet Archive, past blog posts, expired domains, etc. Some conferences don't record, some do but never release (Infiltrate?). When you can find videos you almost never find materials.

    The second challenge is getting people to mirror the content. There is where I am asking for help. All told the archive at con was about 5TB in size. That's a lot to host and to share, and it will only get bigger as word spreads and people keep holding conferences. To deal with this I have two strategies: (1) I rate limit the https download speed on the infocon server so more people can leech at a given time, and because people won't like that for large batches I (2) am offering everything over bittorrent to spread the load.

    You can see my goal is to push everyone to use bittorrent, and as an added incentive I have build a GPU encoder and have been transcoding EVERYTHING to h.265 format. This has dramatically reduced file size, so the 5TB should now be about 2TB, with the consequent bandwidth savings. I'm about 2/3 through, it's a pretty painful process due to formats, etc.

    My Ask: Please consider hosting parts or all of by seeding it with bittorrent. We have made this easy.

    For everything as it comes available just subscribe to this rss feed:

    Otherwise just seed whatever individual torrents you see fit.
    If you can't host that's fine, but if you do know of any missing materials that you don't see on please let me know so I can get them saved. Once this gets going there will be an easier submission process. For now just post what you find here please.

    What you get:
    Besides helping preserve and spread knowledge you get recognition on the infocon supporters page if you commit to hosting a full mirror of the rss feed. More on that here

    This is still in beta, and is my first post on this because I want to get more conferences encoded, but it is getting close enough that I wanted to share it with DEF CON first for feedback and testing. I'm hoping to announce the beta next week if this goes well.

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    I'm an idiot and didn't read the whole thing.
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      In preparation for this years Data Duplication Village I have been putting in a lot of time to update the site and dd as many conferences as I can find. By transcoding everything over to x.265 video I have managed to shrink about 6tb of video down to a little over 2. Amazing space savings.

      Can everyone take a minute and look over the directory listing, and tell me what I am missing?

      Thank you!

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