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Curriculum for studying hacking, please help!!

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  • Curriculum for studying hacking, please help!!

    I want to make a team to participate hacking contests. I want to know how many subjects are separated in hacking. (Ex. Web hacking, system hacking etc...) And what to study . (For example there are system, web, network and first thing you should study is c language. Then for system hacking, study ~~then~~ like this) In short, I need a curriculum for studying every part of hacking. Please let me know......

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    Listen, there are a lot of tutorials where you can learn all of this. Although if you're a complete noob, start downloading pre-made scripts to become a script kiddie. Side by side start learning any programming language. If you wanna crack websites, first LEARN how it works. If you wanna crack a program and edit, first LEARN how to make that kind of program. Although all of this will not give you some extraordianary hacking skills, it will definitely teach you how to face a problem. That's why you need to have good maths skills to become a programmer, because it indirectly teaches you how to think outside the box and differently. And after you've completed all of THAT, find out someone who has some experience in this area. You'll be surprised to know how many people in your neighbourhood are hackers. And lastly - PRACTISE. Don't go on hacking/cracking some site or someone until and unless you have full control and experience. The best option is - buy another computer and try all your scripts on that. Don't buy an expensive system as it'll not be used for any work, but only for creating a victim. Have fun hacking,
    and don't get caught.


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