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DC Biohacking Village needs CFP Reviewers!

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  • DC Biohacking Village needs CFP Reviewers!

    Hello all! I'm heading up the CFP process for the DEFCON24 Biohacking Village. CFP opens for submissions soon, but for now I'm looking for reviewers. We need people who can read the incoming abstracts and outlines, and fill out a questionnaire offering your opinion on whether we should accept or reject the talk.

    We are looking for people from various backgrounds: Those who know about biohacking and various biotech fields, but also those who know very little on the bio side but are hackers in the more classical sense.

    I'm hoping to gather a total of about 8-10 reviewers, plus I'd like a few on standby in case we get swamped with submissions. We already have five.

    This is a great way to give back to DEFCON and help a new village in its second year, with very little effort on your part.

    Please reply here or PM me with your interest. Tell me a bit about yourself, your background, and why you're interested in biohacking.


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    Hi jamgrrl, I was a speaker at the first Biohacking Village last year, I'd be interested in being a CFP reviewer.



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      Pmed you, check your inbox


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        hmmm I don't have any PMs...


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          Originally posted by AlexSmith View Post
          hmmm I don't have any PMs...
          I am guessing that scoom was replying to jamgrrl with the comment about PM being sent. What you ( AlexSmith ) are likely looking for is an email or PM reply from jamgrrl . You ( AlexSmith ) should probably try sending a PM to jamgrrl to see if that gets you a response.

          Hope this helps to clear up confusion.

          (I am not affiliated with this event.)

          Good luck!


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            In other news, this thread has been moved to the "Biohacking Village" forum, and a shortcut from the old location will take people here, in case they previously navigated to the old location before it was moved.


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              I'd love to help out with this. I have a degree in Biotechnology but work as a SysAdmin.


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                Hi guys! Thanks for your interest. You should be hearing from us soon!


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                  I can help too. I just sent you (I think) a PM about this. I've attended a lot of DEF CONs and was at the organizing meeting for BHV and last year and enjoyed it a lot. you can email me at
                  Tom Keenan