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Information about the BCCC at DEF CON 24

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  • Information about the BCCC at DEF CON 24

    I am not affiliated with this event and nothing I write is authoritative for it.

    Originally posted by details
    In this year, much like every year, the beverage is warm. Maybe we have a problem, maybe it's how we were raised. I blame our parents. Regardless of our paternal compunctions the beverage needs to be cooler then cool. Alright? Lets break out those contraptions, dust off our science hats, and chill some fluids! And maybe, if we really try this time instead of goofing off and just finish our homework, we can wash away a few of our regrets. This year will see a return of the build-a-contraption two tiered format. Contestants can choose to bring a contraption and participate in the unlimited class or build one at the convention and compete in the hacked class. With *wonderful* prizes to the winners and the adulation of our hydrated fans, who wouldn't want to compete? Guaranteed to be a blast or your regrets back! For full rules, location, and unlimited class sign-up please find us on the DEFCON forums.
    I think this was originally started by Deviant Ollam and he has had his own web page with details, but I amnot sure if he is running it again this year. If he is, an extra site URL and twitter feed (his) would likely be added here and to the forum description.

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      Hey guys and gals it's @Hearken. I will be running the BCCC again this year. I hope everyone who attended last year had a great time and will be returning.

      Since we moved to a new format last year we are not going to be changing the primary rules. However, we will pick a new target temperature and to strongly encourage people to bring some fun stuff I think we may go with EXTRA COLD. I will need to consult the beverage gods before we finalize that.

      The contest as always will be on Friday. The build period starts at 11 and the chilling will occur between 12:30 and 1:30. Some prizes will be awarded at the contest but the grand prizes will happen at the contest prize ceremony (NOT THE BIG ONE).

      Look for the rules to be posted to this section of the forums soon! There is a sign-up post and we strongly encourage people to sign up but walkups are welcome.


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        thank you, Hearken, for running this and to Nz0 and everyone else who played such a big role in keeping this contest alive! i look forward to stopping by and seeing the action on Friday. :-D
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          Here is a link to last years rules 'cause I know all you punks are lazy.

          Paid for by the Our Thing Foundation


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            Glorious leader is happy to see the many people participate in the grand struggle against western oppression and warm beverage!

            Remember, there are no losers in Glorious Leader's country! Only Winners will be left!


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              has the location been decided yet?