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Info DEF CON 24 Beard an Moustache Competition

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  • Info DEF CON 24 Beard an Moustache Competition

    I am not affiliated with this event and nothing I write is authoritative for it.

    Originally posted by details

    Held every year since DEF CON 19 in 2011, the DEF CON Beard and Moustache Contest highlights the intersection of facial hair and hacker culture.
    For 2016 we will streamline the contest, running three categories instead of four, listed below.

    Esteemed panel of judges determine scores based on presentation, style, whim, and bribery.

    Full beard: Self-explanatory, for the truly bearded.

    Partial Beard or Moustache Only: For those sporting Van Dykes, Goatees, Mutton Chops, and other partial beard styles, as well as moustache only, even if bearded. Bring your Handlebars, Fu Manchus, or whatever adorns your upper lip.

    Freestyle: Anything goes, including fake and creatively adorned beards. Creative women often do well in the Freestyle category.

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    Very cool. I totally missed it last year (my own fault, but a somewhat interesting story). Anyway, looking forward to the beard contest this year :)
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      We're tentatively scheduled for Saturday afternoon this year. Pre-registration is available at or walk-up registration will also be available.

      One change this year, we're combining the "Moustache only" and "Partial beard" categories, they haven't had a lot of entries in recent years so that should improve competition and speed things up a bit.

      More announcements coming, a new judge, a new emcee, and who knows what else.

      Keep an eye here, and watch and for updates.
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        UPDATE: New day and time

        The Beard and Moustache contest will be held on Friday at high noon.
        Or 1200-1400 if you want to get picky.



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          Website updated:

          Huge thanks to Heidi and Bruce Potter for making the Beard and Moustache Contest happen this year.

          Special emcee this year will be Bruce Potter.

          Returning judges will be Heidi Potter, Aaron Jue, and Whitney Merrill; they will be joined this year by new judge Banasidhe.


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            Just had a chance to pre-register (ok, so the truth is that I've been too lazy to do it until now and it just hit me that I needed to do it) and, on the form page and on the official page, it says Friday at noon (which I believe to be correct) but, on the confirmation page, it says Saturday at noon. Does that mean that I get two chances to win? :)
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              In the imortal words of Homer Simpson, DOH!

              It is indeed Friday at noon. I shal now do battle with Googleforms