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Info about Lawyer Meetup at DEF CON 24

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  • Info about Lawyer Meetup at DEF CON 24

    I am not affiliated with this event and nothing I write is authoritative for it.

    Originally posted by details
    Tweet from @Defcon on this event
    Originally posted by URL

    #defcon #lawyermeetup is back! Friday,6pm, Bally's tower. To help out, contact info at DEFCON dot org
    Thanks to Raellic for bringing this up. I confirmed with CVE Goon panadero that the location has indeed changed. The old location in the image above incorrectly states "Friday 6pm Club 22, Bally's" while the NEW CORRECT location is: "Palace 6, Bally's" with an assumption the time is still 6pm.

    There is a new tweet on this:

    Originally posted by URL
    DEF CON ‏@defcon
    The #DEFCON #LawyerMeetup has changed locations - it's now in Palace 6 on Bally's main floor, Friday at 6pm

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    Location change: Palace 6 instead of Club 22.


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      Originally posted by Raellic View Post
      Location change: Palace 6 instead of Club 22.
      I've altered the top post to convert the image referenced in the original tweet from the DEFCON twitter account, and changed it in the top post to just be a URL and not automatically rendered. I've also included a comment that the location may have changed, based on the information you have provided.

      I've now contacted a CVE goon to check on the status of this and see if it has moved time, building and location, so it can be confirmed.

      I have Confirmation from panadero that that location has been changed last-minute from "Club 22" In Bally's at 6pm to "Palace 6". It is assumed the time is the same.

      Information from panadero is that the new location (Palace 6) is next door to the SE Village.

      Check out the map:

      Look to left left-side, the side with Bally's, see the section on the map just above the elevators, a room shaded blue with black letters "1057" and next door to it "Social Engineer Village" ? It is assumed that the Palace 6 is next to that. It is also assumed the start time is still 6pm.

      Thanks Raellic for bringing this up and panadero for confirming the change.

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        Yup, that's correct. Thx Cot.


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          Originally posted by panadero View Post
          Yup, that's correct. Thx Cot.
          Thanks man! I've contacted the DEFCON twitter account to ask if there is a way to update the old image in their old tweet. There probably is not. They will probably have to delete it and create a new one.



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            Updated Location: The Lawyer Meetup has been moved to Bally's "Palace 6" room.
            The "Palace" rooms are on the Bally's side between the elevators and the Contests/Events space. You can find 4 events using these "Palace Rooms" :
            * 1057
            * Social Engineer Village
            * Lawyer Meetup
            * Data Duplication Village
            These now have labels on the map that is presently published on the main website, linked from here: (If you do not see "Lawyer Meetup" and "Data Duplication" listed near "Social Engineer Village" then force-reload the image, to prevent a cached-copy of an old image from being served.

            Originally posted by map

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              The map on the main-site has been updated to show the new location for the "Lawyer Meetup" as being next-door to the "Data Duplication Village" and "Social Engineer Village". I have removed my ms-paint, "red circle here," map from the previous post, and replaced it with a link to the new map on the main site. If your map does not show "Lawyer Meetup" next door to the "Social Engineer Village" you probably have an old, cached copy Force-reload the image to get the latest.

              In other news, I think these changes have been made after the program went to print. As a result, the program's map is probably not going to show the "Lawyer Meetup" and "Data Duplication Village" locations in the Palace rooms. Use the online map for the latest updates which may not be in the program.