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Info about Wireless Village at DEF CON 24

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  • Info about Wireless Village at DEF CON 24

    I am not affiliated with this event and nothing I write is authoritative for it.

    Originally posted by details
    The Wireless Village is a group of experts in the areas of information security, WiFi, and radio frequency with the common purpose to teach the exploration of these technologies. We focus on teaching classes on Wifi and Software Defined Radio, presenting guest speakers and panels, and providing the very best in Wireless Capture the Flag (WCTF) practice to promote learning.

    The Wireless Village plans to hold a Wireless Capture the Flag (WCTF) contest during Defcon. We cater to those who are new to this game and those who have been playing for a long time. Each WCTF begins with a presentation on How to WCTF. We also have a resources page on our website that guides participants in their selection of equipment to bring.

    The Wireless Village will also be running a speaker track again. The CFP will go live on April 15, 2016 and the link to the CFP can be found on our website beginning on April 15th. and

    Keep an eye on @wctf_us and @WIFI_Village

    Check out our website for tools, what you need, and what to do. Enjoy your journey. and

    We have a number of people who support the Village and staff BIOs are shown on our website.

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    This will be the 4th time competing this year, part of team Jack Tenna. If you are looking for a village learn and get your feet wet doing real life pen testing this is a great one to give a try. The owners of the contest really help you learn and have fun.