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*Unofficial* 4 X 5K AKA DefCon Half Marathon

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  • *Unofficial* 4 X 5K AKA DefCon Half Marathon

    "Good Livin" is returning to DefCon 24, because maybe you want a little more. Maybe you feel like getting up at 5:30 in Vegas. Maybe you didn't stop the night before.Because 6 AM is the coolest time for a run in Vegas (It's only 80!)

    Meet up at 0600 (6AM) under the Eiffel Tower outside (Between Mon Ami Gabi & the Arc Bar) on Thursday-Sunday (8/4-7/2016) for 5.1K fun run. Run departs at 0610. It's an easy group run pace of 12:00 to 13:00 minute per mile pace. Do it all 4 days and it's a half marathon. (21K).
    Maybe you'll get something for your effort this year.

    Routes will vary but will mostly likely be strip-centric.

    Bonus: "the world is my gym" PT afterwards or on run depend on how we feel.

    I will see you there.

    Bring Bricks, or don't, your pick. GRTs are encouraged to attend.

    Also for even more fun there is a run setup by some other folks on Wednesday. [URL=""][B][SIZE=11px][FONT=arial]WORLD RUN BY HACKERS #3rd Edition [/FONT][/SIZE][/B][/URL]
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    I'm in again with my +1. See you there!


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      First DefCon, first time visiting Vegas, first session of formal "good-livin" be it official or unofficial. (I'm registered for Rucking University next month). Stoked to meet up with some GRTs to get some running done.
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        Agent X, thanks for organizing this event. I was only able to attend on Sunday, and will post more often next time.


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          Hey if you liked the 4X5K maybe you want to sign up for the GoRuck Challenge at Def Con 25 [URL][/URL]