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  • Registration.Points.Gear

    Starts on FRI 2016.0805 10:00 at the Packet Hacking Village Info Booth
    Bally's at the 26th Floor

    Steps to earn points:
    1. Locate our sheeps, and break the code.
    2. Find and retrieve our lost sheeps from the bad farm.
    3. Send our sheeps back to the WoS farm via text or email to collect points.
    4. Double your points by delivering our sheeps to the WoS “secret” farms yourself.
    Gear Needed:
    1. Laptop: (w/ Kali preferred) with WiFi sniffing and injection capabilities.
    2. RF Hunting Gear
    3. NFC sniffing device
    4. RF listening device
    PHV Staff will have some gear (Laptop and FoxHunt gear...etc.) you can use to play.
    I highly recommend to bring your own earbuds or headphones if you plan to do some FoxHunting.
    You'll have to sign-up and reserve a time slot to use them. Sign-up early.

    NEW! Speed Sheep Hunt for fun and easy points. So, your WiFi kung-fu is strong?! But how fast is it? Email for details.
    Follow the Wall of Sheep on Twitter for clues and tips @wallofsheep
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