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who among you can provide a ride and some guidance to a special guest of mine?

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  • who among you can provide a ride and some guidance to a special guest of mine?

    hey fellow shooters.

    this is going to be one of those topics that will instantly make gun people say "cool!" and leave non-gun folk either rolling their eyes or clutching their pearls.

    i have a friend who is new to the hacker con scene. after meeting me at CarolinaCon (his first con) he felt overwhelmingly welcomed into the hacker community and was bowled over at how people were super cool to him. he decided to come to HOPE this summer and i even encouraged him to submit a talk... which was accepted. so, another first. we're all super hyped for him.

    he's coming to DEF CON. he's never shot a firearm (i am 99% sure anyway.) this is for two reasons...

    1. he's from the UK
    2. he is blind

    ... almost disbelievingly i think, he asked me some questions about the DEFCON Shoot and i instantly encouraged him to try to attend. with the right ear pro (like an electronic setup... game ears or some such) he can hear and communicate perfectly with the rest of us, even during hot sessions.

    despite the media every so often having a tented-finger attitude about a blind person being issued a license to carry or something in the USA, i think most of us would agree that a person without the use of sight may be an unconventional shooter, but there is nothing at all that prevents them from being able to safely handle firearms in the proper situation.

    who would support my efforts to see that this fellow can get a ride from the hotel and back? while on-site, i would ask that we pay extra care in offering him guidance around the grounds (since the dirt isn't perfectly flat and free of obstruction) and would like to know of any volunteers who will provide guidance and attention so that he can learn about firearms and have the experience (possibly once-in-a-lifetime for a UK person, with or without sight) of shooting guns.


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    Yes. You know my lane is always open to new shooters. I'm not yet sure about transport, but I'm game to help out. I'm planning on bringing back the PS90, and that's a pretty easy one to control. I'll bring a visible laser so we'll be able to assist him with getting on target by feel (not exactly sure how it'll do in the sun). I don't have any handguns that are going to be good for the first-time shooter, but I'll put some thought to it.


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      I'd like to echo Modafinil's comments as I wasn't sure how to respond to this at first. My lane is open (especially to unfree/new shooters) I am not however able to do all that is being requested due to other commitments.



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        My wife and I will be attending on Wed only, but I'm more than happy to pick him up and drop back off at the hotel the first day. I'm also up for helping him out at the shoot, but I don't have a lane of my own.


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          He is more than welcome to shoot a few machine guns at my tent. On the house, of course :-)



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            If he is there Thursday he needs to come by and shoot my DP-12. It is a gun that just FEELS fun.