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Room Space Available @ Bally's for DC24 (August 4,5,6,7) *Monday Checkout*

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  • Room Space Available @ Bally's for DC24 (August 4,5,6,7) *Monday Checkout*

    Good evening folks,

    DC24 draws nigh...

    The wife and I have some sleeping space available at the Ballys August 4-8th (checking out on Monday). We are asking $50USD per night to cover your stay (dirty jokes and spastic dancing no extra charge). ;) Skilled knife-fighters preferred.

    I am a long-time Defcon attendee (and first-time speaker this year) so feel free to PM me and ask more specific questions if you like.

    Pre-payment required. Paypal and BTC accepted. :)

    Anyone interested, please shoot me a PM.

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    Well it looks like we have had some last minute cancellations...

    It turns out that one of our room sharers was actually two kids in a trench coat (second year in a row).

    And the other one...well...someone APPARENTLY put up a mirror while I was out for the day and...well...yeah...

    So a total of 2 spots still available. The M/F ratio is getting pretty ready for that.