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    I am not affiliated with this event and nothing I write is authoritative for it.

    Originally posted by Details_from_DEF_CON_CVE_department
    IntelCTF is designed to immerse you into the world of threat intelligence by creating "real-world feeling" counter-intelligence scenarios. Participants are briefed on their "contract" obligations and the objectives of their mission. Intelligence points (flags) will be submitted to the scoring engine which will track team progress and provide feedback on your mission status. Your team wins by completing the missions objectives (submitting all the flags) and identifying your primary target. Do this before the other contractors (teams) and you will be recognized for your accomplishment!
    Originally posted by Probably_from_the_organizer
    Alright guys... Mission 2 details are in!

    Level Difficulty: Intermediate
    Contest Day/Time: Saturday, August 6th 10am - 4pm (Possibly longer...)
    Location: * (You can watch a talk while participating!)

    Pre-registration is now open! I will only take a limited number of pre-registered teams and those who don’t pre-register may still have the opportunity to signup at Defcon. I say "may" because I am only taking a limited number of teams... so first-come, first-served! (Note: Teams MAY have only one team member)

    Level2 of IntelCTF focuses on immersing participants into the role of a threat intelligence analyst working for a Fortune 50 company. Players are tasked with tracing the source of an attack against a production webserver with a focus on attribution against the attacker. As with all IntelCTF missions, the information is spread across the internet waiting for participants to connect the dots! Be the first team to capture all the flags... and you win!!

    Reward: First Place - $2,500
    Second Place - $1,500
    Third Place - $1,000

    PayPal Inc. is sponsoring this contest and is providing the reward to the top three teams! NOTE: To be eligible for the reward, your team MUST capture a minimum of 15 flags and you MUST have a PayPal account to receive the cash prize!

    - Simple, right!?! Can you gather the intel?