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combined schedule of everything; One Schedule to Rule them All, ebooks and html

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  • combined schedule of everything; One Schedule to Rule them All, ebooks and html

    Some years ago when I started planning for DEF CON I realized that I'd much prefer to have the program and other info in an eBook for my then new Kindle then leafing back and forth in the paper program of Talks trying to figure out which talk to go to next. This problem has only gotten worst as DEF CON has gotten larger with even more things to do at any one time. This year there are times when you have a choice of 25 or more events to go to! You can go crazy trying to find all the web places that tell you what's happening when!

    SO . . .

    In response to this perceived need, for the Sixth year in a row, I'm scraping the Schedule, Recent News, FAQ, village schedules, DemoLabs, Workshops, etc. from where ever I can find them and have created files in various formats that I think would be the most useful. The idea is that you can have Single Source Planning :)

    As the pages on the DEF CON web get updated I'll update the files so you have the latest info, at least till just before con starts, after that I'll be busy. :)

    These files are available here

    This is a work in progress. I'll be making improvements between now and the start of con.
    If an event is missing, or has wrong info, please let me know day/time/room/what so I can add/fix it!

    Feel free to let me know what you think.

    Please copy this thread to the "Defcon 24 and beyond" forum when it is created.
    Please consider placing some reference to these files on the main con site.
    Please consider mentioning in some of the various social media, twitter, facebook etc. the availability of these files.

    ADVthaAnksNCE And have a good time at DEF CON 24!

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    qumqats , Thank You!! I tried to do this last year and just didn't (I've been sitting here for 5 minutes trying to find a way to explain why I didn't that didn't make me sound like a lazy slob but, clearly, I haven't had sufficient coffee yet to do so). Many thanks!
    .: This post contains 100% recycled electrons :.


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      Just about finished adding events.

      It's up to:
      403 speakers
      371 events
      11 villages

      Hope this helps you in having a fun DEF CON 24.