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san luis obispo & vicinity

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  • san luis obispo & vicinity

    i am, like last year, tripping accross to bakersfield (to meet SF caravan) and on to vegas this summer for the con.

    if you aren't sure where san luis obispo is, it's halfway between LA & SF, and anyone in the san miguel or camp roberts area down to about santa maria would qualify to get in on this. if you're in santa barbara, i'll take you, but you gotta get your own ride up here, and honestly you'd be in the car less time if you went to LA & then accross to vegas.

    i've got room for two people
    or three people that really like each other and wish to have a physical expirience in the back of my jeep cherokee

    with working air conditioning

    all i ask of you is some gas money since it's a guzzler.
    and you must be clean and keep your grubby hands off my cd player.. but i dj'ed for desert crossing last year, so you should be alright in my selections.

    pls bathe regularly. eat it like your mom

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    yo click, would you be up for organizing a little caravan covering the trip from slo to bakersfield? it really wouldn't be much work. all you'd have to do is choose some place to meet, act as the point of contact and roll out at a predetermined time to make sure you meet up with the bay area folks.

    you don't have to if you don't want to but it'd always be nice having someone cover central california.


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      yeah totally
      lmk details sometime what i need to do or whatever

      i gotta go shower and shit its fucking early and ihave to be at work soon :( eat it like your mom


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        ok SLO area to Bakersfield caravan will be located at in a day or two.

        as a preview: we will actually be leaving from paso robles, at the arco on the west side of 101 at east hwy 46. this is the first leg of our trip to bakersfield and allows us cheap gas and food fillup before departure roughly at 5pm (this may firm later on).

        leaving at 5pm w ill get us to bakersfield at 7:30, giving us time for traffic (and trucks going really slow on 1 way hwy) and time to eat when we get there and mingle with the SF caravan which was early last year.

        we will use frs radios & anyone with a radar detector or radio broadcast equiptment would be greatly appriciated. especially radar because that section of highway is really awful, and they will pull over multiple cars at one time for speeding along that stretch--so no safety in numbers.

        email me if you want in on the San Luis Obispo/ Santa Maria / Paso Robles caravan. eat it like your mom