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  • Hacking Exposed, 4th Ed

    I noticed there's a Hacking Exposed, 4th Edition. I haven't seen any mention of it on here, I was just wondering if anyone has gotten a chance to look through it and would be kind enough to let me know what has been added from the 3rd Edition.


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    I have the first edition. So is it more exposed now?


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      I have all four editions. I like them. Well, I did. The fourth edition is a bunch of recycled material, most ot the time the wording is exactly the same.

      Fourth Edition was a cut and paste party with little new information. The only nice edition is the DVD that comes with it. Has some video walk-throughs, but of really basic shit.

      My $0.02
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        this was about the only "hacking" book series i really found informative. The others where a list of programs you could use to go "hack some one". as they liked to put it.


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          Originally posted by 0versight
          if buying hard copy books, i prefer something that emphasizes on a certain area, like java security by Oreilly for example.
          I like book companies that put their books into e-format on a cd that come with the book, it is handy for when on the road and can't carry a big library of books... though the ones that supply code, I really wish they would at least try and compile what they code... I have spent many hours sending emails with updated code that works (though seemingly more from Wrox than anywhere else). :/ ... unfortunately a lot of book companies don't offer the e-format availability put pressure on e-book fanatics to scan in the books and edit them... and eventually the get on the 'net regardless... sure then they try to crack down on such entities, but it's the usenet... such an unstoppable beast. Needless to say, more e-books should be out there, though they may never replace hard copies, they sure come in handy... and handy comes in great when in a pinch. :)

          Originally posted by 0versight
          There is this new Server Hacks that Blackwave posted awhile back, has anybody read that book yet?
          I would just like to mention that this is a very handy reference book to have around and a great book to have in any linux library. :)


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            Does anyone know any good e-books websites that have books in PDF format?


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              Have you dont a forum search yet? You will probably find some answers there.
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                Haha. I just found your old post asking the same question iam. Thanks :)