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    Sequoia is back for a second year sponsoring Drone Club!

    Last year we were a PARTY, this year a TWO NIGHT EVENT!!!

    These ARE the drones you've been looking for...

    Come participate in head to head drone races between two identically sized Hubsan X4 drones inside of a protective arena. Drones race each other through an obstacle course, confronted with multiple size and shape challenges. Competition will initially be seeded based upon a ticket given at the door to each person agreeing to the terms below. Participants will compete for prizes such as T-shirts, water bottles and other shwag.

    Participants can bring their own Hubsan X4 or Blade NanoQX drone (no models over half a pound will be allowed). Each drone may be modified in any fashion to include FPV systems. Mods to the propellers will be allowed (but still, no razor blades or other flesh slicing upgrades). Hacking the main board is encouraged, and batteries may be modified to provide an advantage in the race. However, managers of the space have unequivocal rights to reject any drone entry, either by physical appearance or by additional weight - although footage from FPV or onboard cameras will be highly beneficial and social engineering efforts to sway management will be recorded for future mocking and/or publication. No attacking the opponent’s body during a battle, by kamikaze-style tactics or other intentional kinetic means.

    All spectators and participants must sign a waiver to protect the hotel(s), DefCon and our sponsors. No spectator shall enter the netted arena during an actual battle. Only operators of the actual drone during a race may enter the protective netting, and will be required to wear eye protection. The hotels, DefCon, and sponsors are also not responsible for any damage to personal drones due to participating in this event.

    At least one of the obstacles will be Ricky Hill’s (DC21) DJI Phantom, equipped with carbon fiber blades, hovering in front of a make-shift goal, challenging the opponent's smaller drone to make it past the churning rotors of death unscathed.

    Hak5 will be joining us again this year, but this time as a sponsor! Darren, Shannon and crew will be bringing the Cube of Death, a 4 foot lucite box within which Drones will compete in one-on-one, or four-on-four free for alls! Four Drones go In, One comes Out!! Hak5 has graciously donated two WiFi Pineapple Nanos, two LAN Turtles and two RubberDucky's for prizes in the Drone Club!!!

    So keep your eyes open for announcements in the official DefCon literature or our Twitter feed (DroneWarzClub).

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    More info please. Where? When?