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  • Looking For Hotel Room To Split

    Last minute 23M from London looking for somewhere to sleep & people to hang out with. This is my third DEFCON, starting at 22. I touch down at McCarran at midday Thursday, hope to run back to room, dump luggage, and then pickup my badge. If you're not available to let me into the room at that time, most likely because you're in the queue to get your own badge. I'll get in line with my luggage then, no problem. More then capable of covering my share and throwing in money on booze. If your room has a sofa, I'll happily take that. PM with any offers.

    Edit: I am considering renting a double queen bed room at Bally's. If anyone is interested in splitting that, again, PM me and we can proceed.
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    I can't send a pm, I'm interested , do you have an icq or Skype contact? Also please pm me if you can