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    Do a google search for BUSTED.WAV and other stuff like it, those can be the "commercials" on the radio station. I'd upload it but it's over a meg.


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      Originally posted by astcell
      Do a google search for BUSTED.WAV and other stuff like it, those can be the "commercials" on the radio station.
      So can the AMPS traffic in the area, which is surprisingly ubiquitous ;)


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        Heard a real weird one today:

        "West Hollywood Lifestyle - Whatever" by T. Ball and BJ


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          old punk

          give me that old punk cause it feels so good...
          sex pistols

          "the kkk took my baby away" fuck yeah

          murder city devils
          white stripes
          turbo negro

          how about some good dance punk/electro to cause it's good to hack to
          Fischer Spooner
          Anything off DJ Hell's label (International DJ Jigalos)
          Le Tigre
          Mr Lady
          eat it


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            HMM lemme see here is some stuff that i thaught of..

            lords of acid
            mindless self indulgence
            praga kahn [spelling?]
            type o negative
            prodigy [stuff from fat of the land and jilted generation]
            infected mushroom
            white zombie [stuff from the techno cds and astro creep 2000]
            rob zombie -house of 1000 corpses
            some grunge [nirvana, mudhoney, melvins etc]
            ill think of more later =]


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              My music requests:
              Manowar - Hail and Kill, Kings of Metal, The Gods made Heavy Metal or anything else

              Blind Guardian - Time Stands Still, The Script for my Requiem, Time what is Time, Beyond the Ice, And Then There Was Silence (!!!), The Quest for Tanelorn, Lord of the Rings or anything else

              anything by Iced Earth, Dimmu Borgir, or Children of Bodom

              Nine Inch Nails - reptile, heresy, closer, down in it, mr. self destruct, piggy, march of the pigs, the becomming, the perfect drug (!!!), suck, gave up, wish, into the void, the wretched, no you don't, complication

              Tenacious D - Kielbasa, Tribute, Wonderboy, Dio, Kyle Quit the Band, Karate, Rock Your Socks, Double Team, City Hall, Explosivo

              any OLD U2

              Weird Al is ok in my book

              TOOL TOOL TOOL! anything you play by tool would be great.

              Jeeze... with all the music I listen to, you'd think I'd be able to name some more good music... umm... the EELS are good... OOH!!! PINK FLOYD! and Led Zepplin... King Crimson... humm... VNV Nation is really good too... Apoptygma Berzerk... Stone Temple pilots, Alice in Chains, Nirvana... lots of diffrent kinds of music.


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                Re: HMM

                Originally posted by h3adrush
                mindless self indulgence
                seeing as how my g/f is a member of the brats street team and a huge msi fan i have a feeling i'll play them... decent suggestions all around from the last three posters, i'll take them into consideration.


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                  rancid , and out come the wolves
                  nofx - any
                  nine inch nails
                  rob zombie/white zombie
                  bob marley
                  sublime - non popluar shit no sateria,and badfish
                  operation ivy - operation ivy
                  localh - hands on the bible , any


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                    Collide's cover of White Rabbit.

                    Collide's cover of Son of a Preacher Man

                    Assemblage 23 - Awake

                    Assemblage 23 - Disappointed

                    Velvet Acid Christ - Fun with Drugs

                    Velvet Acid Christ - Fun with Knives

                    Velvet Acid Christ - Futile

                    VNV Nation - Kingdom

                    Fluke - Atom Bomb

                    Attrition - A Girl Called Harmony

                    VNV Nation - Cold (MiG-29 mix, uncensored)

                    Lunatic Calm - Leave You Far Behind

                    Eon - Spice

                    Stanley's Theme from the Swordfish Soundtrack

                    Chase from the Swordfish Soundtrack

                    Travolta's opening monologue from the Swordfish Soundtrack (yeah, the movie blew, but the soundtrack was done by Paul Oakenfold)

                    Bass Kittens - Invader Zim theme (remix)

                    1000 Homo DJ's - Supernaut

                    Apoptygma Berserk - Suffer in Silence

                    Bad Religion - The Positive Aspects of Negative Thinking

                    Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict

                    The Damned - Jet Boy Jet Girl

                    Chemlab - Exiled ("Suck on This" mix)

                    Dave Navarro - Rexall

                    808 State - One in Ten

                    Tricky - Excess

                    Fictional - Former Occupants

                    Wumpscut - Thorns (distant vocals mix)

                    Front 242 - Headhunter (pick your favorite version)

                    Hungry Lucy - Bound in Blood (Insomnia mix)

                    uno Reactor - God is God

                    Marilyn Manson - Lunchbox

                    Marilyn Manson - Down in the Park

                    Nick Cave - Red Right Hand

                    Meat Puppets - Coming Down/Lake of Fire

                    Meat Puppets - Backwater

                    Michael Andrews - Mad World cover (from Donnie Darko soundtrack)

                    Mojo Nixon - Elvis is Everywhere

                    Moby - sprinkle liberally as needed

                    KMFDM's Naive as covered by My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult

                    My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - ...cuz It's Hot

                    TKK's The Days of Swine and Roses (as covered by KMFDM)

                    KMFDM - Piggy Bank

                    MDFMK - Anarchy (fusako)

                    MDFMK - megalomaniac (excessive force mix)

                    Oghr - Water

                    Placebo - Pure Morning

                    Rammstein - Fuer Frei

                    Einsturzende Neubauten - Halber Mensch

                    Einsturzende Neubauten - Ein Stuhl in Der Hoelle

                    Einsturzende Neubauten - haus Der Luege
                    Staind - For You
                    Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel - I'll Meet You in Poland, Baby
                    Squirrel Nut Zippers - Hell
                    Shriekback - Nemesis
                    Boingo - Insanity
                    Switchblade Symphony - Sweet [Apoptygma Berzerk Mix]
                    Switchblade Symphony - Dissolve [Keith Hillebrandt Mix]
                    Switchblade Symphony - Dollhouse [Razed in Black Mix]
                    The Pogues - The Sick Bed of Cuchulain
                    The Pogues - Sally MacLennane
                    Tones on Tail - Christain Says
                    Tones on Tail - O.K. This is the Pops
                    Apoptygma Berserk - O.K. Amp Let Me Out
                    And, as a tribute to the war, The Pogues - The Band Played Waltzing Mathilda


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                      old skool

                      talking heads
                      Ramones - for remembrance
                      Scorpions - The Zoo
                      Dead Kennedys (of course)
                      Plasmatics (Wendy-O)
                      The Damned (Brian James)
                      justazero -
                      "Skepticism, like chastity, should not be relinquished too readily."
                      - George Santayana


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                        viva las vegas is a must have

                        I just request a different version, how about our all time favorite

                        Wayne Newton - Viva Las vegas

                        I can supply a copy if anyone cares for it, this is what I call a classic representation of true Vegas lounge singing. drop me a reply


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                          u sure that wasnt elvis?
                          the fresh prince of 1337

                          To learn how to hack; submit your request


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                            MxPx - Chick Magnet. mmmm


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                              Re: viva las vegas is a must have

                              Originally posted by CheshireCCat
                              I just request a different version, how about our all time favorite

                              Wayne Newton - Viva Las Vegas
                              We already play the Dead Kennedys' version [With a Fear and Loathing intro to boot]. No others shall come before it. Or after it. Sorry.


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                                Re: Hmm

                                Originally posted by tryagain
                                MxPx - Chick Magnet. mmmm
                                Your handle is very fitting. MxPx sucks, try again.