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  • Caesars Palace, months of the year, DEF CON...

    It was announced that DEF CON 25 would be at Caesar's Palace. Some considerations?

    The Russian word "Czar" is a derivation of "Caesar". When the U.S. appointed a "Drug Czar" it is a "Drug Caesar". ( )

    Ages ago, there was a decimal/metric calendar with 10 months per year. Leave it to a Caesar to ruin things with the addition of July and August for Julius and Augustus Caesar. A 10 month calendar, where SEPT-ember was the seventh month, OCT-ober was the eighth month, NOV-ember was the ninth month and DEC-ember was the tenth month -- ALL RUINED. Terrible. ( )

    Thanks Caesar!

    DEF CON has historically taken place in July or August -- the two months added to the 10 month calendar that ruined the 10 month calendar and naming convention. "O noez! can haz a conspiracy!" ( = Sarcasm: Oh no; It is a conspiracy.)

    Thanks Caesar!

    See? This is why we can't have nice things.

    I can see LosT 's badge contest and/or mystery challenge including some sort of reference to this calendar issue especially since we would be at Caesar Palace for DEF CON 25.

    Have you made plans yet for DEF CON 25? Requested time off work? Made reservations at a hotel? When do you usually make these plans? Have you looked at the towers available at Caesars to see if any tower would be preferred over others?

    People that have been to BlackHat will have the advantage of experience. They have ideas on what the convention center is like, and have likely been in one or more hotel room.

    What are your plans for room reservations and DEF CON 25?
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    Joe's Steak and Stone Crab. fucking best meal in the city, in my opinion. and I've eaten a LOT of goddamn steak in this city over the last sixteen years. (to be honest, more like 14 or 13 years... i don't know how much steak i was eating at my earliest DEFCONs)

    the Caesar's is massive. get rooms in the right tower or you'll be walking all over creation.

    also, the "feel" of old DEF CON i fear will be all but dead and buried there. if it's not gone for most folk already, the aesthetic will probably be enough to make people feel like they're in too swanky a place to be a hacker con... not to mention so many of us have Black Hat and SANS events linked to the Caesar's in our minds now.

    here's hoping that we can still do wicked crazy stuff like the Beer Cooling Contest and other shenanigans. fingers crossed.

    don't get me wrong, i love the Caesar's... it's arguably my favorite hotel in Vegas, at least on the strip. (Golden Nugget gives it a serious run, however... but they're way up north)

    the con space has a weird disconnected-ness to it due to split levels and odd extensions resulting in some situations where to get somewhere it's occasionally necessary to go up a huge escalator, cross over, and then go down another. i PRAY that whatever space we get to use at Caesar's doesn't involve escalators too much or elevators at all.

    the pool(s) are amazing. but i bet we won't get to lock them out or have exclusive use of them for parties. that's a shame. if we do, however, then Beer Cooling might actually be poolside again! wow! just like ye olden days!

    i'm really hopeful that all goes well and we can keep doing this whole deal. there are "suites" but not like the 26th floor of the Bally's... these are supreme and high-tone and not likely to allow for a whole lot of shenanigan parties like the DC801 or Whiskey Pirates events.

    like i say... fingers crossed. heart remains hopeful.
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      Booked my room and I'm ready to rock.