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What was the craziest thing you saw at DC24?

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  • What was the craziest thing you saw at DC24?

    What was the craziest thing you saw at DC24? I'm still trying to process mine... but what did you see that made you giggle or awe in amazement that you want to share with us? Any silly stories to pass on?

    I think mine my be the amazing stage/backdrop of getting to DJ in front of like 55 million dollars worth of super computers or maybe the time I was DJing at the 303 beach ball mosh pit party and a dinosaur plowed through the most pit...

    what's your's?
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    send in the drop bears!

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    Crazy? Absolutely. But not because it was eXXXtreme. Something that was both pleasantly surprising, but also not surprising at all knowing the crowd; out of place and perfectly timed (That Thieme of embracing orthogonal thoughts simultaneously). When Berlin did their stint on that same top dollar hardware stage, the song was "Take My Breath Away", and a goon carried Terri Nunn through the crowd. As she sang she gently touched hands with the throngs, with what really felt like genuine smiles in her eyes. Unbelievable. It ranks as one of the sweetest most romantic moments I've ever experienced. Both surprisingly out of place and perfectly at home.
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