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ELM327 and Mazdaspeed6

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  • ELM327 and Mazdaspeed6

    Just documenting for now, and accepting input and suggestions.
    I ordered an ELM327 device off amazon, this one specifically a Goliath Industries wifi model, shown here:
    I plugged it in, turned the car on and connected to the wifi as prescribed on my OnePlus One. Using the default suggested app off the android store "ODB Car Doctor" I was able to connect and get the real time data promised.
    Being the infosec professional and hacker that I am I connected my laptop running parrot OS 3.1. Nmap showed me ports:
    80 which contains a webserver with simple http auth.
    25001 - unknown as of yet
    35000 - default port for apps like odb car dr and torque, telnet login possible also to get raw odb data

    http server: why, what utility does it offer, can you change the wifi name and security
    does the odb data provide a clue to the wireless doorlock and ignition pass key
    is it read only? can the data be compromised through C-I-A?

    more later