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Defeating tamper evident devices

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  • Defeating tamper evident devices

    24 was my first defcon and one of my favorite places during the con was the tamper evident village. I've been looking around for some resources for learning how to defeat tamper evident devices (different seals,tapes, etc) butt resources haven't been easy to find. I watched a couple of talks from blackhat and defcon about it, but they didn't go very far into how to defeat different devices, and didn't really provide much in the way of resources. I'm sitting here at our hackerspace with a few different kinds of tape stuck to cardboard and wondering why acetone works on some of them but not others, and how to know what I should use to try to lift them up. Anyone know of any good sites for this sort of stuff?

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    If you get a good answer for this, please let me know. I've been looking for the same.


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      Look at the chemical makeup of the glue. That would be a place to see different reactions.