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    Thanks for all those that participated in the Toxic BBQ! Everything was amazing, met a bunch a cool people, with lots of cool stories and experience.

    Good Things:
    Toxic BBQ - lots of interested people, presentation of ARPS, WSPR and FlightAware were great
    Repeater - TX was great, could hear the repeater crystal clear from everywhere

    Bad Things - need to improve:
    Toxic BBQ - need to prep and test a bit more, had some issues with internet, which took all my setup time, preventing setup of some other demos.
    Repeater - RX sucked on the repeater. People could just not get into the thing. Tests showed that the antenna, coax, controller and radios were ok, but the duplexer could have migrated a bit, or simply the layout of the large property and just massive size of everything around could have affected reception from little 5 watt handhelds.

    Steps to improving
    Toxic BBQ - More refined presentation - refine the presentation a bit, maybe have multiple presenters at different stations, which people can visit. We had the tables and space to do it, just didn't separate duties out.

    Repeater - Distributed repeater system. This may require going DMR instead of analog if we want to use the same frequency for everything, or it could mean sticking with analog and just doing multiple receive nodes around the venue and surrounding hotels. coverage seemed to be lacking the most on the south side - Octavius tower and such. More research will go into this and a full scale test will be done. This year, a full scale test wasn't possible, as some equipment took a long time to get here and get tuned. A full test will help get the bugs out. Next year, placement of equipment will also need to be looked into. the mobile, car on the parking garage worked, but it was hard to keep an eye on power and dealing with security - trying to keep the thing from getting towed.

    Let me know your thoughts and comments for improvement on ham radio stuff at Defcon. If a distributed repeater system is in store for next year, I will need help from hams to deploy and test things before and during the con.

    Thanks again for everyones help.