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Is there any brazillian group?

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  • Is there any brazillian group?

    Hello hackers, i'm brazilian and defcon 25 will be my first visit to the US and i'm want to make new friends (from any country) but i couldn't find any group or brazilian groups to join :/
    Is there any telegram or whatsapp group of defcon participants?

    I'm newbie in the forum too haha

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    ryanfilho , welcome to the group and congrats on your upcoming first Def Con! Based on your post (want to make new friends), it definitely sounds like you've got your mind right about the Con. As far as any official list of Def Con attendees, I do not believe that there is one and believe that that's by design (same reason that there's no pre-reg, it's cash only at the door). Def Con attracts a LOT of very cool people that simply would not attend if there were such a list (good or bad, it just is). My first one was DC24 and I spent a lot of time on these forums reading what others had posted (first) and then asking questions to try to fill in the blanks. I also wrote a quick post-mortem of my experience to try to fill in the blanks that I didn't know that I had and as a reference for the next years. This year it's moving from Paris / Bally's to Caesars Palace so some of it will likely change and, last year, the airport was under construction so some of the airport stuff (primarily, the sign telling how much a taxi ride to each hotel was).

    I did a quick search on the Def Con groups page ( and found a couple of groups in Brazil that may be another good place to start.

    Anyway, welcome to the US and welcome to Def Con!
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      There are two DCGs located in Brazil - DC5527 out of Vitoria and DC5561 out of Brasilia. Check the listing at for each of their contact details.


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        Thanks sainate and s0ups! :D