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    Hello everyone,

    Many of you don't know me I assume because right now the only defcon social interaction I have is twitter. This is my first defcon im 14 and love hardware hacking and software development, I am currently creating a defcon badge. A lot of info has been released on my twitter (@MiniMrshmallow) and the latest pictures of the PCB design, I am deciding on handing out badges, trading them, or selling them. I want to do all but my main focus is trading and selling as a ton of money will be dumped into this badge and I want to continue to bring awesome hardware everyone can get their hands on at defcon. I don't have an official website open to the public but I am working on it and that will be something happening in a few months (Code has begun), so why I am here on the forums today is asking what do you think I should do and are you into my idea? Trading my badges for others, selling a few to get us started for next year if this year goes well, handing them out for freeā€¦ What do you think I should do? I would love to know because I am planning on making a 100 due to the cost and lack of sponsorship's now but other questions I want to ask are, do you want to trade bad boards for bad boards (prototypes) lol
    Complete boards for complete boards or even bad boards for complete boards, many possible outcomes I want to see happen, I plan on the badges I get (what I am receiving) keeping me busy until next con with hacking them and also taking them to other conferences I plan on attending. Thanks for reading this, have a good one! (please reply with suggestions or a yes or a no on one of those suggestions or multiple ones so I know ahead of time) also a price for selling would be nice (what are you willing to pay?).
    I don't know what to write here....

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    Hey Mini, I think it's awesome that you're going to DC so young! Always follow your passion man.

    I think my very first suggestion, before posting, re-read through it and break it up a bit, that first paragraph is a bit hard to digest, but contains some sweet info.

    I'm always interested in new and custom things, and would love to buy a badge.


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      Couple of random thoughts to help get you going...

      Have you considered a kickstarter or gofundme?

      Are you thinking about selling/handing out completed badges or kits that folks solder themselves? Last year, I bought the DC Darknet badge and learned a lot soldering it myself. Many people stood in line for hours to get that badge kit which was either $65 or $85. Of course, they are pretty well known so it's a bit more popular. I'd suggest considering both options. Complete badges as a way to get your product out there quickly, and the kits are nice for the folks who want to make something.

      QueerCon badge registration opens up today if that's helpful:

      Keep this post going so we know how to support your effort.