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DEFCon201, now under new management

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  • DEFCon201, now under new management

    The old DC201 in paramus is defunct. The New DC201 is now based out of Hoboken New Jersey. Dirty Jerz, represent

    Welcome to DEFcon201, founded March 2017 by Sidepocket and GI_Jack. We had a great first meeting, and we think we're gonna stick around a while.

    website: [url][/url]. the old is a redirrect

    email: [email][/email]
    social media
    quitter: [url][/url]

    IRC: #DEFCon201 on

    We are working on a mailing list as soon as I figure out the intricacies of gnu mailman, and how to not fuck up my email server getting it working.

    We meet once a month at the maker bar in Hoboken, NJ.

    We look forward to working with most of you.