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Toxic BBQ for DC25

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  • Toxic BBQ for DC25


    Toxic BBQ will be held on Thursday afternoon, 7/27, at Sunset Park Pavilion F from 16:00 to 22:00. (36.0636, -115.1178)

    The humans of Vegas invite everyone to a barbecue and meetup at Sunset Park, Pavilion F. Kick off the con on Thursday afternoon with food, beer, and conversation at this unofficial welcome party.

    Basic supplies will be provided (read: burgers, dogs, charcoal, plates). Bring sides, snacks, and spirits to fill out the smorgasbord. Hit the grocery (or liquor) store before arriving, or catch a ride once you arrive. Gifts for those that chip in to make the BBQ awesome:
    - Grill masters
    - Supply Runners
    - Those that bring exotic meats
    - Those that bring exotic brews (local or home brews)
    - Carpool members, ride coordination, transportation help

    We are going to host local Vegas HAMmers for an impromptu meetup. If your group would like to stage at the BBQ, let me know in the comments below. PM me if you can help with supplies or transport.

    Credit to graverobber and all those that made this unofficial kickoff the best place to stuff your face year after year. This is an informal meetup, and costs are covered by humans like you.
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    If you are planning on running this, and want it in the Program and mentioned on the main site, please check with the "Contests, Villages and Events" goons on that status. I know this is an off-site event, so it is not like you need permission to run it, but if you want it on the website and in the program, you will probably need to contact them.

    There was an announcement on the main site for this:
    Which then linked to:

    But it looks like that process is now closed.

    You could try contacting grifter or another goon with the list of goons on the main defcon website, and see if you can get a mention in the program and lnk from the main site to this thread.


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      I tried him on Twitter. I'll follow up on the forums too.


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        Originally posted by Tangential View Post
        I tried him on Twitter. I'll follow up on the forums too.
        Bribes can be effective with some goons if the first answer is, "no." :-)
        (I'm not typing about me -- i have no influence or control over any departments but my own.)
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          Thanks for the heads up. We will return to the program once more!

          Now to track down the HackBus guys...


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            BBQ Meets Ham Radio!

            I will be setting up some ham radio equipment at the park near the Toxic BBQ, feel free to take a look at the demos of ham radio equipment that I will set up for everyone's enjoyment.

            I will be showing off a few things:

            Worldwide propagation via WSPR/WSPRnet - this shows who can see us / who we can see from the radio on a map.
            HF voice operation
            APRS (GPS meets ham radio)
            Cool, portable antennas which ill set up.

            I will be bringing some elk meat for elk burgers, should have enough to share, mmmm....

            See everyone there!


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              I'm a full licence holder into he UK, M0RPF...will come and find you..will bring some English mustard for those Elk burgers....never tasted Elk..

              2 weeks and counting before I fly out to Vegas....can't wait !!!!


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                Originally posted by cedarboy View Post
                BBQ Meets Ham Radio!

                I will be bringing some elk meat for elk burgers, should have enough to share, mmmm....

                See everyone there!
                Passing the word to DC719.
                What besides a radio can I bring?
                Will monitor N7ARR (for what it's worth> when I arrive in LV.
                Now if I can just figgure out all the buttons on this D74a
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                  If you need any meat guards, let the retired goons know... :)
                  --- If you're a snowflake, you're gonna have a bad time.
                  Have you ever BEEN to Defcon?


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                    What besides a radio can I bring?
                    Last year I brought my speakermic, which was great and all, but I couldn't hear jack. This year i'm getting an earpiece for my handytalkie to make things usable. I may be upgrading from 5lbs of Elk to 10lbs mmmmm. Ill have to pack a lot of dry ice!