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House share / travel to Vegas from Los Angeles

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  • House share / travel to Vegas from Los Angeles

    Hi Guys,

    This is a bit different to some of the other posts and isn’t a typical ride / room share, so please read the details.

    I’m 29 from London, England. I’m a CCNA, CEH and CHFI qualified PenTester and am currently studying for my OSCP. Also qualified Pilot and Electro-technical / Electro-mechanical Engineer.

    This will be my 3rd year at DEF CON and I can’t wait for this year. I usually travel to LA for a week before DEF CON, spend some time there and then drive to Vegas a few days before it starts. Like most of us here, we all work long hours, so this is often my only “holiday” of the year.

    So why am I posting here?

    This year I decided to do something a bit different. Basically my plan is to rent a house in the Hollywood Hills for a few days before DEF CON and then either travel to San Francisco, do a couple of days there and drive to Vegas, or stay in LA and head to Vegas for DEF CON and a few days before. I’m proposing that if there’s any other like-minded people out there then we would “chip in” for the accommodation in LA where we could set up a lab and spend the days hacking, going to the beach, hacking some more, go out for a meal in the evening etc. Or not – I’m proposing a very chilled environment where you’re welcome to come or not, each to their own.

    So basically it’s an opportunity for us to come together, rent an AirBnB, socialise, hack stuff, see some sights and generally have a good time!

    DETAILS (dates etc):
    My flights are booked from London – Los Angeles, arriving LA on the 18th July, leaving LA on the 02nd August (so driving back to LA from Vegas to fly home). Other than that my details are flexible based on what any of you want to do (stay in LA, head to SF etc).

    Couple of things I’ve done before include Universal Studio’s, Area 51, Yosemite (awesome drive) plus a load of other tourist stuff. I’m up for hacking and setting up a decent lab but I think it’s important to get a balance of seeing a few sights as well.

    Type of things I’m into (and currently working on):

    -: Obviously all things Kali!
    -: DVWA (Damn Vulnerable Web App)
    Am pretty good with the DVWA and have got more into WebApp testing in the last year.
    -: RFID / SS7 / Radio
    Just started using the HackRF to spoof cell towers (making Stingrays) and generally mess about with. Saw Aaron Lau’s amazing talk on drone hacking last year and would love to give some of it a go. Also wanna give the Boscloner build a go.

    -: Work as a PenTester so am confident with most Kali tools that I use day to day – metasploit and msf in general, SET, burp, John, DVWA, nmap etc – list goes on.

    -: Am also into Physical hacking and have a range of experience in radio and engineering – have cracked safes, exploited physical hardware, hacked cars etc.
    -: Experienced with Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Pi, Pi0, building PC’s and Hackintosh’.

    Kit I’ll be taking includes:
    -: Macbook Pro (my machine)
    -: Alienware i7 16GB Gaming Laptop
    -: WiFi Pineapple
    -: Kali Nethunter Tablet
    -: Ubertooth One
    -: HackRF


    I'm assuming if you're going to DEF CON then you'll have some base skill level. No problem at all if this is your first DEF CON or if you’re relatively new to hacking, but this trip is about hacking, socialising and learning – if you don’t know how to run a VM or what Kali is then this probably isn’t the setup for you.

    That being said; more than happy to share any knowledge as much as possible and this is of course open to all ages, genders, races or religions. Like all of us; every day’s a school day and the idea is to learn from eachother.

    I’m a Medical Card Holder in LA so 420 friendly, although I haven’t smoked for a couple of years now. No problem at all if you do / don’t smoke and how often, smoke all day if you want, or don’t smoke at all… It’s your trip! Putting it out there as know it’s always a burning question for those who are into 420 and looking at room shares.

    This would probably suit a total of 4 / 5 of us. That way if anyone wants to go for a drink in the evening then likelihood is that they’ll have a partner, if anyone wants to stay in and watch a film / hack stuff then same goes for them. Am totally chilled and fluid and no one will be expected to do / not to do anything.

    I’ll have a car for the entire trip and am happy to put people on the insurance if necessary. Once we’ve sorted who’s interested and who wants to join us then we can set up a WickR / WhatsApp group and work out the final details. Will be driving to Vegas from LA on or around the 24th.

    This is a totally fluid and open situation so if you already have accommodation then you’re welcome to meet us during the day or join us for seeing sights. Nothing’s been booked yet apart from travel so we can decide on plans over the next couple of weeks.

    This is all of our trip so I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re subscribing to a paid up tour. It will be about $100 per night (maybe slightly more) for your room in the house or, if we all agree on a different budget, then happy to accommodate. Other than that; the trip (and choice) is totally yours. Hack for an hour a day and spend your time on a surfboard, spend all day and night on your laptop by the pool smoking weed… The choice is totally yours. I might also rent a plane for the day so you’d be welcome to come along if I do.

    Same at DEF CON – we probably all have different talks etc we wanna see. If it turns out there’s talks we wanna see together then great, but if you wanna head off on your own and do your thing then absolutely no problem at all. All I ask is that you consider why we’re going and our interests – if you want to sit in your room all day watching films then you might aswell give the space to someone else :-)

    So I’ll leave this here for now, just touch typed myself into an essay! But the concept’s now out to the community – if you’re interested then just reply below with a bit of info about you and we can take it from there.

    Other than that; hope you all have a great time at DEF CON, happy hacking and look forward to seeing some of you there!


    It provides an opportunity for like-minded members of the community to enhance their trip by joining others before the event as well as having the opportunity to rent a far nicer home / accommodation because the cost would be split evenly. A $1,000 a night Beverly Hills mansion costs $200 a night between 5 of us, for example. Also a lot of us, if you’re like me, have friends from all walks of life. But none of my life-long friends are into hacking or the expense of a trip to LA / Vegas for DEF CON. So the guy that hosts barbecues most nights and has a decent group of friends often travels to DEF CON alone, as is probably the case for most of you.

    I’ve met some great people over the years at DEF CON and have definitely enjoyed a fair few DEF CON parties. So this year I decided to do it a bit differently and put this out there to see if any other attendee’s and members of the community are thinking / have thought a similar thing. Types of AirBnB listing’s we could look at (depending on the groups agreed budget – bare in mind that prices shown on these links are generic and we should be able to negotiate a better deal):
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