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Dueling Tree Competition (Details and Signup)

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  • Dueling Tree Competition (Details and Signup)

    A few years ago TheSiscoCoon ran a fun shooting competition when we were in the desert, and I wanted to setup something similar this year.
    So I'm going to run a dueling tree competition.

    Here is an example of what a dueling tree competition looks like, two shooters attempt to flip their steel paddles to the opposing side.

    When are you doing this?
    Both days, and both sessions

    How much does it cost?
    $15 per person if less than 9 people / day sign up. $10 per person if 9 or more sign up. Cash on site, or bitcoin ahead of time.
    I'm not going to make any money on this. After my costs are covered, any extra money will go back to deviant and the shoot.

    How do I sign up?
    Reply here to sign up and include the days and times you're available to participate.

    What are the prizes?
    1st place each day gets a 1oz silver 'bullet' (engraved), and free entry to next year's shoot
    2nd place each day gets a 1oz copper 'bullet' (engraved)

    How much does this cost you to run?
    $100 to rent the tree from someone local (they bumped it up from $70 initially)
    $30 first place prize (x2)
    $4 second place prize (x2)
    $40 engraving
    $6 shipping
    I might buy an erasable tournament bracket for ~$30 also

    Is this single elimination or double elimination?
    I haven't figured that out yet, I want to run as many matches as I can in the time we have.
    I'm only going to accept 16 people max per day
    16 person single elim = 15 matches. Over 2 hours = 1 match every 8 minutes
    16 person double elim = 31 matches. Over 2 hours = 1 match every 3 min 52 seconds which might be a little tight
    As a compromise I may do a modified double elim, where if you're eliminated in the first round you get a second chance in the losers bracket. But after winning your first match it is single elimination (except for the last match between the winners/losers bracket where the winner is allowed an extra loss). Or I could do best of 3 for the final match of the day if there is time.
    16 person modified = 24 matches. Over 2 hours = 1 match every 5 minutes

    What are the rules / how is this going to be run?
    Here is what I'm thinking for the rules, though if both competitors agree to a rule change that's probably fine with me.
    Please comment if additional clarification needs to be made
    • Handguns and handgun calibers only 9mm or higher recommended (this is a target limitation so I get my deposit back). 50S&W/AE and crazy high power pistols are also not allowed (but they would suck to use anyway)
    • Iron sights only
    • If 'byes' are required, they will go to competitors who sign up first
    • If two people both want to face each other in the first round they can, but they give up any byes either may have.
    • Start from the low-ready position
    • The same number of rounds need to be in each magazine. (Though one competitor can't force the other to use less than 7 rounds per mag by using a gun with 1 round mags or something stupid)
    • Maximum of two spare magazines for reloads, or 30 (+1 in the chamber) total rounds max
    • If you have a failure to feed/fire/eject that's on you, fix it live
    • To win all 6 plates need to be completely on the opponents side (any plate in the process of swinging isn't counted). If one plate remains stuck at the 90 degree position when all 5 other plates are on one side, it will be counted as a win for the competitor in the lead. If two or more plates remain stuck at the 90 degree position when all 4 other plates are on one side, the match will be re-run and treated as a tie.
    • If both competitors run out of ammo, the person in the lead at that time will be the winner.
    • If there is a tie, an additional match will be run as a tie breaker. During tie breakers competitors switch guns
    • You can sign up multiple times, and you can even request to compete against yourself for a guaranteed 1st round win if you want. However your first signup will be treated normally (with bye priority) your second signup may only be valid if less than 16 people sign up that day (this depends how many people signup)
    • "I'm not going to be bringing a pistol, can I borrow someone's?" I don't expect this to be a problem

    This looks cool, but I just want to shoot the target with my friend, can I do that?
    Maybe. It depends how long it takes to run matches, how hard people are to find, etc. Priority will always go to people in the competition.
    If there is extra time or we end early you can probably shoot a match with a friend for $5 (total for both people, an obviously there wouldn't be prizes)

    Current signups:
    I'll remove myself if we get enough interest
    Wednesday Thursday
    1. C0rb1nDallas 1.
    2. C0rb1nDallas (gf) 2.
    3. Gigs 3.
    4. Gigs (wife) 4.
    5. CanCannonGuy 5.
    6. darkgrue 6.
    7. packets 7.
    8. 8.
    9. 9.
    10. 10.
    11. 11.
    12. 12.
    13. 13.
    14. 14.
    15. 15.
    16. seeess 16. seeess
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    This sounds awesome! My girlfriend and I would both like to participate and will be attending the shoot for the full duration on Wednesday. I may also have an additional two people interested, but I'm not sure yet. I'll confirm as soon as possible once I get a definite answer from them. Thanks for setting this up, I'm looking forward to it!


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      I'm in, and I'll make my wife do it too, even though she hasn't shot in a year or so. We'll be there on Wednesday.


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        I'll take a spot on Wednesday.


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          Perhaps we could even do a double elimination where competitors swap guns? Might be a fun bit of mayhem.


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            Originally posted by C0rb1nDallas View Post
            Perhaps we could even do a double elimination where competitors swap guns? Might be a fun bit of mayhem.
            I like it, I updated the rules so if there is a tie competitors have to switch guns.


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              I'm pretty sure I'll stink on ice doing this, but it sounds like fun. I'd like to sign up for a Wed. slot.


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                I'll sign up for a Wednesday slot.


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                  Here are the results:

                  Wed had 16 participants, round 1:
                  packets vs gigs-wife - packets
                  cancannon vs darkgrue = cancannon
                  brandon vs danko = brandon
                  doug vs jerome = doug
                  corbindallas vs gigs = corbindallas
                  steve vs ricky = ricky
                  mitch vs phantom = phantom
                  tom vs ian = tom
                  round 2:
                  packets vs cancannon = cancannon
                  brandon vs doug = brandon
                  corbindallas vs ricky = ricky
                  phantom vs tom = tom
                  round 3:
                  cancannon vs brandon = brandon
                  ricky vs tom = tom
                  brandon vs tom = brandon

                  Thrs was lighter with only 8 participants:
                  amatus vs katy = amatus
                  patrick vs preston = patrick
                  icey vs christian = icey
                  krystal vs seeess = krystal
                  round 2:
                  amatus vs patrick = patrick
                  icey vs krystal = icey
                  patrick vs icey = icey

                  The winners of each day received an engraved 1oz silver 223 "bullet" and free entry to next year's defconshoot (you might have to remind deviant), runners up received an engraved copper 223 "bullet"

                  I'd like to hear people's feedback on how I can improve this if I decide to do it again. Here are a few things I need to improve on:
                  1. I greatly underestimated the number of people who didn't have their own firearm. While I did bring some, they weren't stock guns nor practical to compete with. Luckily cancannon, someone in modafinil's lane next to me, and I think darkgrue came to the rescue and let some random guy they didn't know (me) borrow their guns. (and I think they even got them back!). This effort would've crashed and burned without their help, thank you
                  2. I underestimated the number of people who wanted to participate that didn't have ammo. I brought some of my ammo but blew through all of it wed and ended up going to a local store wed night to buy more for thrs.
                  3. It was very hard getting through a 16 person bracket with the long cease fires. this is something I predicted, but I'm not sure how to fix this. No one wants to just hang around the lane while not competing, but if I have a hard time finding people that signed up I'll never get through all the games.
                  4. Similar to #3 I hoped to run a modified losers bracket, so if you lost in the first round you wouldn't feel so disappointed in the money you spent. But ultimately there wasn't enough time (or ammo) to do this
                  5. Besides going through the 350ish rounds of ammo I brought, having to buy $60 worth of 9mm late on wed for the thrs shoot was something I didn't plan for. Next year I need to make two entry prices for people with their own ammo and people needing my ammo. If someone shoots my ammo and makes it to the finals they'd use 80 rounds of my ammo that's roughly $18 worth of ammo for a $10 entry fee (not counting prizes and target rental). Luckily many people threw me an extra $5 here and there for my ammo so I didn't get crushed.

                  The good:
                  1. I think the dueling tree target worked quite well. Nothing broke or got too damaged. The only time a flapper failed to flip was if it was shot on the inside arm.
                  2. The lane setup had plenty of space for people to compete
                  3. Hopefully the prizes were a nice bonus for those that won, even though I couldn't afford anything spectacular.
                  4. Everyone seemed happy (or hid it well) even though I wasn't as prepared as I should've been on this first attempt
                  5. I had just enough time to fly in, get a rental car, check in, pick up the tree, eat some gas station food, and set up.

                  wed 16 people = $160
                  thrs: 8 people = $80
                  Me asking for $5 extra for ammo and people donating extra = ~60
                  =$300ish taken in
                  350 rounds my ammo ~$7/box = $49
                  late night ammo run wed (250 rounds+tax at retail) = $60
                  $214 from above
                  Total profit: negative $23 which I'm actually happy about considering there were no signups thrs ahead of time