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*Unofficial* 4 X 5K AKA DefCon Half Marathon

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  • *Unofficial* 4 X 5K AKA DefCon Half Marathon

    "Good Livin" is returning to DefCon 25, because maybe you want a little more! Maybe you feel like getting up at 5:30 in Vegas. Maybe you didn't stop the night before. Maybe because 6 AM is the coolest time for a run in Vegas (It's only 80!) Who cares let's go for a run!

    Meet up at 0600 (6 AM) at the corner of West Flamingo and Las Vegas Boulevard underneath the Ceasar Palace Romanesque circular temple structure on Thursday-Sunday (7/27-30/2017) for 5.1K fun run. Run departs at 0610. We're doing something a little different this year, with two pace groups. The fast group is for people that run an average pace of around 9:00-minute miles. If you run slower than an average pace of 9:00-minute miles you're in the not fast group. This is basically everyone ends up in the same place at the end.
    At either pace do it all four days and it's a half marathon. (21K).

    Routes will vary but will mostly likely be strip-centric. Printed route maps will be displayed before the run.

    Safety Brief:
    It's Vegas, weird stuff will happen, it always does. Beware that wet concrete is super slippery, broken glass is not your friend. If people harass you just keep running. Some random people may want to join in. Watch for traffic along the route. It's going to be hot. There can be a surprising number of stairs to climb on these runs. Help each other out.

    I will see you there.

    Bonus: "the world is my gym" style PT afterward depending on how we feel. Bring gloves, because Vegas is just "ewww".

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    Been waiting for this post. :) I convinced a friend of mine to join me this year.


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      Will be there!


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        Good to hear! BTW I keep a more updated set of info for the event over at Reddit.


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          Agent X - Could be's going to be pretty warm even at that ungodly hour though!


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            I'm game, again.