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  • Shoot Talks for 2017

    Hey hey, everybody!

    As you may recall from previous Shoot events, I now have a modified schedule for the day that involves a break time in between Session 1 and Session 2 and this break is specifically for "shoot talks"

    We have one awesome Shoot Talk lined up this year (for Wednesday)...

    Weenie - "Full-Auto Ownership"
    A mainstay of the DEFCON Shoot, Weenie can always be seen all the way down on the right side of the firing line... spreading out a wide array of belt-fed goodness and other assorted squad automatic weapons. Many of you have enjoyed shooting them! But would you ever consider owning something like that yourself? In this Q&A, Weenie will step through the history of his collection, discussing the hurdles that some people can face as well as the solutions to many such difficulties. Whether you're a collector, an investor, or just a fan of full-auto guns... this is a session sure to be filled with great information!

    ... and we'd love to hear YOUR questions that you may have. Here are some intro questions that i'm using to seed the pool of topics on the table...

    0. when was the first time you shot a full auto?

    1. when did you start adding NFA items to your collection?

    2. what was the very first fully-auto firearm that you ever acquired?

    3. where were you living at the time... feel free to speak about any other places you've lived during this ownership and whether that's presented any hurdles. or even jobs or other opportunities you've had to say no to because of where you'd be living

    4. if someone is interested in getting into NFA or specifically full-auto firearms, what are some pointers that you might have for them? specific things to look for, a particular gun that is a good or bad investment?

    5. are you affiliated with or a direct owner of a Title-II dealer business and thus able to own non-transferrable dealer samples? (perhaps feel free to educate the crowd for a bit about what a dealer sample is versus a transferrable gun)

    6. have you ever had a full-auto firearm fail on you to the degree that you needed major repair or outright replacement, and if so how doesthat work? did you get satisfaction from the manufacturer? (I've heard stories of places like Colt actually taking in an old generation receiver, chopping it, and then issuing a brand new one to the customer with the same original serial number... but maybe that's false?)

    7. do you think you'll ever sell off pieces from your collection or will they be in your family in perpetuity? (are they even inheritable?)

    If you have additional questions you'd like to see for this Q&A with Weenie, please submit them here (or ask on-site) and we'll get through as many as we can. Remember, right after giving a Shoot Talk, the speaker (who gets to attend for free) is given a lane (also for free) where they can showcase hardware and let people get more hands-on with things.

    Think you could be our Shoot Talk option for Thursday? I'd love to hear from you. Please EMAIL ME at with your submission!
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    Originally posted by Deviant Ollam View Post
    If you have additional questions you'd like to see for this Q&A with Weenie, please submit them here
    1. What is the longest you've ever waited for a transfer, what is the shortest?

    2. What is your most versatile full auto firearm you own (the one that can shoot the most calibers)?

    3. Which other full auto firearms are you considering buying, and why?

    4. Do you have any full auto firearms you never shoot?