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Room Space Still Available @ CAESARS for DC25 (July 27,28,29,30) *Monday Checkout*

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  • Room Space Still Available @ CAESARS for DC25 (July 27,28,29,30) *Monday Checkout*

    Ready or not... DC25 approaches...

    Mrs Frosty I once again will have some sleeping room available this year, and we would love to share the space (and the cost) with a few attendees trying to bring their Con in on a budget.

    We are kicking up our heels and staying at Caesars with the cool kids this time around, July 27th -30th (checking out on Monday). We are asking $60USD per night, per person, to cover your stay (Aquavelva and ice stored DIRECTLY in the hotel-provided ice bucket no extra charge).

    Pre-payment required. Paypal and BTC accepted.

    Both of us are long-time DEF CON attendees (and speaking again this year) so feel free to PM me and ask more specific questions if you would like a little more information about just who it is that will be watching you sleep...;).

    Anyone interested, please shoot me a PM.

    --Mr Frosty

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    how much would one have to pay? I'm trying to figure out if I can budget/sell my body to be able to go to defcon this year


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      We are asking for $60USD per person, per night.

      No Dogecoin or HBGary Federal stock accepted this year unfortunately.


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        MRS Frosty. I like people watching me sleep. Makes me feel important! Will pm you. :) How many people are you looking to pack in? (asking here for later viewers of this post)


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          I snore way too loud for roommates.


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            And thats all folks!!

            All spots have been filled.

            If you have not paid us yet, you do NOT have a spot.

            Thanks everyone for your help!

            See you in line ;)