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DC25 Gunshoot Lane sharing?

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  • DC25 Gunshoot Lane sharing?

    Reading the unofficial gun shoot page it mentions lane sharing. I have shot before as I was military but it's been almost seven years. Any ways, I was seeing if there was either a list somewhere or what have you. I was planning on Thursday evening as I'm a fair-skinned one and I need that darkness.

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    FYI - it is planned for Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. Nothing as far as I know happening on Thursday evening.


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      Yes, you are correct, Wednesday evening! If it was Thursday evening then we'd miss Toxic BBQ!


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        on site there is a LOT of lane-sharing that happens. also impromptu lane combining and switching sometimes.

        i can say that online pre-reg is closed but there were still something like 2 or 3 open slots for lanes on Thursday's 2nd session. So that's entirely possible.

        but mostly just check with the folk who are there and ask if they have room, particularly if you are sharing a firearm of your own with others.

        and, of course, there's more space on the firing line... just not under the sun canopies. so there's always room for you to shoot. all we ask is that those "unofficial" lanes observe the same cease-fire periods that we all do so that folk can safely walk downrange and check targets, etc.
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