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  • DC25 Counterfeit Badge Contest

    "There's some people that spend a lot of time counterfeiting the badges, and I think that's cool. If you can counterfeit the badge and you get past the guards repeatedly, good for you. You probably deserve to get in, right? That's what a hacking convention is all about."
    - Dark Tangent, DEF CON Founder


    Create the best possible counterfeit of a Defcon 25 Badge. There are no rules or restrictions on the tools used to create your badge. Remember, all we respect is perfection. Other Defcon badge counterfeits, including the non-official party/village/whatever badges, will also be accepted for review, but the focus of the contest are official DC25 badges.

    When your badge is ready for review, bring it to the Tamper-Evident Village for grading. We strongly suggest you hide your counterfeit on the way to the village (see ETHICAL ISSUES below). Unlike previous years, you don't need to do anything with your counterfeit badge to get extra points, but we'll very likely give you bonus points for lulzy photos and videos of you and your counterfeit badge in action. Again, see ETHICAL ISSUES below. Badge grading is avialable during Village hours (1000 - 1800 Friday - Saturday, Sunday we'll close a little earlier). We are NOT open on Thursday, but we encourage you to start on the contest before the village opens on Friday.


    Badges are graded based on accuracy, functionality (if applicable), and ability to identify it as a counterfeit up close and at a distance. You can repeatedly submit your badge for grading as you improve it; don't worry if it's not that great at first pass. We'll try to give you some pointers for improving it. You can only earn points per badge type (i.e. you can't submit 10 human badges and get 10x points, but you can submit a human badge and a party badge for additional points). You can also submit anonymously - we're all about contestant privacy.

    Once your badge is graded we'll return it to you unless you want us to keep it for display purposes.


    We'll try to have some supplies available to help you create your fakes, but we don't know what we need until we see the badges on-site (we are not special). Just remember, craft, electronic, and liquor stores are your friend. Mostly the liquor stores. You can also find a lot of useful supplies in other villages (Hardware Hacking), the casino business center / gift shops, and from some of the tech vendors in the Vendor Area.


    Use of a counterfeit badge to enter the conference, perform any "escalation of privilege", or access any restricted conference or venue area is done AT YOUR OWN RISK. You can/will get your badge removed by the Goons, removed from Defcon, and, potentially, removed from the conference venue. Use of a counterfeit badge implies that you consent to the consequences of your actions. Remember, if you get caught it's your own fault - your counterfeit wasn't good enough. See, Goons? We told them.

    Counterfeit Badge Contest staff bears no responsibility for what you do with your badge! Besides, a True Ethical Hacker would NEVER create a counterfeit for nefarious purposes. While in the process of your DISOBEY directive (as provided by Defcon), make sure you DISOBEY responsibly and in a purely educational manner. You know, like all the real hackers do.