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registration hours and location?

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  • registration hours and location?

    When and where will the registration desk be open?

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    I would expect more information to be available on the DEF CON 25 web pages as we get closer to con.

    Last year, sales of human badges were reported as opening at 6:00am Pacific time Thursday. That would likely be a good temporary plan for opening sales of badges until something official is announced. If you have a workshop or other Thursday event, then arriving at or short time before 6am might be good.

    Last year, the goons planning the lines, and running the sales were able to process people fast enough that *once badge sales opened* people at the end of the line at that point only had to wait in line about 1 hour. During peak of line, max time reported on twitter was ~90 minutes. Most reports were well under 1 hour.

    If you plan to buy a bunch of badges with other people you know and trust, help everyone save time by pooling all the cash, and have all of the badges and stuff purchased in one transaction instead of many separate transactions.

    If possible, have correct change, as that speeds the process.

    If you have questions about the con, please go to an Information booth to ask, and leave the badge sales people to focus on badge sales. (It is possible people selling badges may not know much about con; they may be hired to work at con. The people at the InfoBooths are likely to have much more experience and more current answers to your questions.)

    Check the map for where:

    Assuming the details on the map are accurate, registration location is posted, and that is where I would expect registration for human badges to take place.

    What is not clear from the map is where the line will form. I am not sure if any details on lines for badge sales/registration have been made public. If nothing is announced, then when you arrive on-site, stanchions may be in place to show you where the lines should form, and if not, there should be goons available before the line for human badge sales opens, and they can be asked about where the end of the line is.

    Remember, map and plans for locations of sales may change last minute, from one day to the next, be preempted or be delayed. We are at a new venue, so the experience of the past venue may not work with respect to traffic, and getting people what they need, and to where they want to go without having crowds plug-up access may force changes.

    Though it has not happened in a long time, sometimes badges are misplaced or lost in the move, so there are delays on sales. Expect the unexpected!

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      Thanks, that gives me an idea of what to expect.