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CMD+CTRL to return to DEF CON 25

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  • CMD+CTRL to return to DEF CON 25

    Word from Grifter is CMD+CTRL (Hackathon) is to return to DEF CON 25.
    "A “find the vulnerabilities” game where players quickly learn and apply hacking techniques in a safe environment."

    I am not affiliated with this event. Once organizers post something official, ignore what I have provided.

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    We're back! Security Innovation and Women in Security and Privacy (WISP) are teaming up to bring you two new vulnerable websites that participants will be competing to find vulnerabilities in. We'll have easy vulns and reference material for beginners as well as more difficult challenges to stump experienced hackers. All (most) of the vulnerabilities are automatically detected and award points when they're exploited. The sites contain over 100 vulnerabilities including XSS, SQLi, password cracking, and more.

    Last year was our first year, and we had over 50 people participate. Participants ranged from full-time pentesters to people who were just getting started with web security.

    You will need a laptop to participate, as well as any tools you think you'll need.

    The contest will run from from 10am - 6pm on both Friday and Saturday. Come swing by our table in the contest to get registered, and start hacking.

    The prize for first place will be an Oculus Rift! We've also got prizes for second and third place.