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Beverage Cooling Contraption Contest back at DEF CON 25

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  • Beverage Cooling Contraption Contest back at DEF CON 25

    Word from Grifter is the Beverage Cooling Contraption Contest is approved to return to DEF CON 25.

    This was startd by Deviant Ollam but I think he handed it off to someone else to run. I am not sure who is presently managing it.

    I am not affiliated with this contest. When organizers post something, ignore what I have provided.

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    I will be bringing back an updated version of last years entry, along with the backpack bartender entry I had discussed with other folks last year.


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      Rules! Come get ye Rules!

      Here are the official 2017 DC 25 BCCC Rules. Please note the changes. This year we are introducing the concept of Joules Per Second to replace the chill time. This should NOT impact any existing chillers if you are shooting for the minimum times but does allow us to account for lost beverage. This means it is now somewhat important to recover as much of the beverage as possible when chilling. You will be weighed.

      See this google docs link for the full rules of the contest.


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        Location anyone???


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          Contest stage!!!