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Hackers Against Brexit: drink, laugh, commiserate

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  • Hackers Against Brexit: drink, laugh, commiserate

    Time: 3:30pm on Saturday.
    Location: Meet around the Voting Machine Hacking Village.

    Chance to meet up, socialise and commiserate about Brexit, the awful state of politics back in the UK and the Investigatory Powers Bill.

    If you are interested but can't make that time, watch this space for updates on the day. We will try and post where folks will be hanging out who want to meet and greet.

    For those up for it, we will then retire for tea, gin and tonics and pints of ale at one of the eateries (perhaps Gordon Ramsay's pub, only seems fitting).

    All (Exception: Nigel Farage BANNED) welcome be you from the UK other EU nations, the USA or any of the other places on this little blue planet of ours.