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LA to LV (i am driving, split gas) .. need room for 26-30/31

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  • LA to LV (i am driving, split gas) .. need room for 26-30/31

    Hey guys, tight on money ... looking to share room, i don't care where i sleep as long as there's no cockroaches lol.. (seriously)

    Driving late Wed night (26th) ... who wants to split gas? I have an SUV... room for 6, not including me. Coming back to LA Sunday or Monday.. haven't decided yet.

    me: easy going, drama free, first time, smart ass, and i enjoy a good laugh, looking to network / learn

    not a psycho. friendly, won't doxx me :p , hopefully don't have any warrants out for your arrests ehahehae :D .. haven't done any transactions on alphabay, dream, hansa LOL .. seriously, i don't want get tasered because of your ass. x-] ... have physical currency - gas pumps don't accept bitcoin yet :-} and we won't have time to wait for you to crack their system... more importantly, my vehicle isn't fast.... so unless you bring an EMF inducing invisibility cloak we will be screwed.

    I think that covers it.. hit me up!!!! :D

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    Hey there, I'm in the same boat except I don't have a car. I've started conversations with a couple people but riding with you from LA would be more convenient than from Rialto... I'm open to cheap accommodations... found anything yet?


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      Dude, where ya at? u cool with leaving Wed night? .... like um... 6sih? wat r u bringing? .. as for where to sleep - i actually haven't tried really hard yet LOL... i like to procrastinate :D


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        Also looking for room/rideshare, you find anything and they go an extra spot let me know.


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          Hey Kontiki, where you at? yeah, in cause your are wondering - i locked myself out of my account and instead of creating an entirely new nick and confusing the hell out of everyone.. i stuck w/ this one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          also, turns out I already have a hotel room LMFAO!!! ... .. LeddySetGo - are you still interested?? I'm leaving Wed .. so, if you guys are serious & wanna split the g-bill, u betta hit me up or i'm leaving yo ass... boat leaves Wed night by 6pm. ... it should go w/out saying that if anyone replies with InX (it's not me LOL) .. plz respond to InX_ <-- Yeah, I KNOW - Defcon RIGHT?!!!! ehahahe
          seriously though, i'm legit. heaehaehe, only one way to find out!!!! You feeling lucky???? :D ... i guess, i'm not really a smart ass more of a jester of sorts.
          As for the room, pm me and no, i don't have any accounts in Malaysia and i'm not going to ask for wire transfers or to deposit my check w/ an IOU x-}

          Al-rightly then, i'll check this periodically - now that i actually have my s* together. if you guys have any CD's you want to hear bring them.. my damn blue tooth went out and I haven't had a chance to investigate the failure....humm.... but it does take a mem card...soo... i'll try that out.


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            I can't PM yet so. How much room per night and uh I get out of work @ 5pm so depending where the takeoff location is at I may or may not make it in time xD.


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              When do you need to be back? $200 for Wed night though Sunday night... return Monday (check out is 11am) ... it's a 1 Queen bed ... bring a sleeping bag xD


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                Hey InX_ sorry I'm just seeing this. I found a ride quite far away so if we can connect in the AM (as in... before noon) and confirm I'd still be open to riding with you instead. I will check here in the AM and if you PM me I can give you a direct line to me. Either way, thanks!


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                  LeddySetGo ... ok .... hey I sent you two PM's .. can you acknowledge that you received them? It's not showing up in my box..

                  Kontiki ?
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